Our practice

We are focusing on thyroid disorders, but also on other hormone-related disorders such as hormone-related menopause discomforts, hair-loss, libido- and virility-related issues, increased sweating, male health and prevention measures, among others.

Dr. med. Thraen is a specialist in endocrinology (for diseases related to hormones) and a member of the German endocrinology association.

Focus on Diabetes (e.g. diabetes mellitus) and Adipositas (Overweight)

Dr. med. Thraen is a specialist in diabetology (DDG)

Dr. med. Thraen and his team have a great deal of experience in this area (specialist for hypertensiology/DHL) and are happy to provide further information.

Preventive Medicine is an integral part of our work: We do preventive and medical check-up diagnostics, as part of the public health cares scheme, as well as for private patients, with additional individual services offered.

We also offer medical examinations for medical tourists (in English, French and German).

We offer medical services to businesses, including special medical cooperation and trainings on health-related issues (e.g. sustainable work-life balance; burn-out).

Clients include HSBC Trinkaus & Burkhardt and Bank of Tokyo.

Dr. med. Thraen is a certified specialist for business medicine (“Zusatz-bezeichnung Betriebsmedizin”).

Consultations and medical services related to travel medicine.

Certified by Medical Association Nordrhein, Germany (“Zertifikat Ärztekammer Nordrhein”)

Dr. med. Thraen is certified as internal medical doctor specialized in Psychotherapy. (“Zusatzbezeichnung Psychotherapie”).

Dr. med. Thraen is registered as a medical consultant to the German pension insurance (“Deutscher Rentenversicherung Bund; former BfA”)

Praxis Dr. med. Thraen

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Appointments can only be made by phone.

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